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Valentine Gifts

Valentines is a time of sharing and getting together with Friends.  If you are looking for a gift we have many available.  You can purchase a Valentines Popcorn tin and share it with the Office or take it home and share it with the family.   Everybody loves popcorn and we have 49 plus flavors.  Some Valentine Favs are the Cupid Mix, Hugs & Kisses (white on Red Velvet Flavored Popcorn), Cupid Dust (white chocolate w/peppermint sprinkles) Zebra (white chocolate & Milk chocolate on Sea Salt Caramel),  Puppy Chow, Triple Chocolate ...  

We also have these cute Valentine boxes that we decorate an put bags of popcorn inside.  They make great Valentines Gifts for Teachers, Friends and Co-Workers and it is a great way to say you care.  Often Sales people come in and get these for their clients., 

Now if you are looking for a gift for your significant other then we have the Love Bug Box.  We decorate it and add your favorite popcorn or put a bottle of wine with our Cheese Flavored Popcorn making a nice gift that he/she will love!  Great Date Night!   

Popcorn is something everybody likes and can be added to any of our College, NFL, NBA & NHL for Valentines as well.  

Happy Valentines and I will see you soon!