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Superbowl Party!

Popcorn is great way to make a party fun!  Everybody will be watching the Superbowl and popcorn is something you can take with you to the couch or carry around with you as you watch the game!   You can always have a Popcorn Bar and let your friends grab their Favorite Popcorn or get your Favorite Teams Popcorn tin filled with your Favorite Popcorn!  Some of the Suggested Popcorn Flavors for your Party are Chicago (Cheese & Caramel), Jalapeno Cheddar, Extra Butter, Zebra (Chocolate Drizzled Sea Salt Caramel)... there are many more Flavors and they are all good.  So if you are rooting on Kansas City, San Francisco or just watching the game get some Popcorn and Enjoy the Superbowl!