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Road Trip! (Vacation, College Game, High School Game)

ROAD TRIP!  Did I hear Road Trip?  Everybody loves going on Vacation or heading out of town to support their College or local High School and taking a delicious snack is essential to having a good time.  Popcorn is the official snack for any Road Trip as you can eat it in the car as you are driving or when you land at your destination (ex. when you are tailgating or waiting on your grilled food).  It is something everybody loves and is the perfect snack before or after dinner.  If you are riding with somebody new and don't know what they like I recommend the Cheese, Caramel, Kettle or Triple Chocolate.  Now if you like Spicy, the Jalapeno Cheddar, South West Jalapeno, Spicy Buffalo and Cajun are Fan Favs.  You can also order a Specialty Root Beer (Route 66, Dublin, Bargs...) or Soda for the road as well. So on your next Road Trip give us a ring @ 817-576-4055 and we will have your popcorn and sodas waiting on you as you head out of town!